Course Wrap-up Post

1. What was your favorite project(s) during the semester?

I think the final project was my most favorite. Not only did it have the least tutorials, but it also left a lot of room for creative thought. With Photostory, Audition, and Illustrator, the projects would either take a) a lot of work to present a new idea, or b) not be personal enough. However, with Premiere, personalizing the project while making it fun was relatively easy.

2. What skills did you learn in the course that you believe you will use in the future?

Truth be told, I will probably use Photostory at some other time in my life. I’m not sure when or where, but I get the feeling that I will use it sometime in the future.

3. What coursework or career path do you see in your future? Did this class influence your decision-making in choosing a career path?

I know that I’m going to pursue advertising and public relations. I guess you could say this class influenced my decision in this matter. By participating in this class I learned that I didn’t have the patience for the fine details that much of the technology needed, nor did I have the knowledge of the programs. I am definitely more comfortable with the Microsoft Office tools than I am with the Adobe tools.

4. Is there any skill that you wish you would have learned in this course that you did not learn? If yes, what skill is that?

I don’t think there were any skills that I wanted to learn outside of what I have learned. I’ve never been Adobe friendly so I don’t know enough to want to know more.

5. Did you find any websites or resources not posted in the class material that were especially useful?

Honestly, I used a lot of outside YouTube tutorials/help videos to help me figure out a lot of the technical issues I had with the projects.


Video Project Final

I began the editing process by trying to change a few of the transitions. There is one transition that refuses to be fixed, but aside from that I think everything else flowed okay. The comments left by my peers told me that it would be nice to have music to go along with my video. I began the search for commons music and found the website: From here I went through and looked for music that would fit the moods of each of my scenes (ex. dark and ominous music for the moment I realize my house is a mess and my parents are coming to visit…). When I found the appropriate music for each scene I added them to the Premiere storyboard and cut the pieces of music I wanted. I chose certain fragments of music to accompany each of the scenes. Having finished that I then moved on and added transitions for each of the music fragments. I used the exponential fade to fade out music and the exponential gain to make music get louder. Having finished that I looked over the final product and played it over. I liked what I saw and added the music changes to my storyline. Once that was done I simply uploaded the video to YouTube and then to my blog.

00:00:00 – 00:04:17 Zoom in on title, zoom out on the background

“They’re Coming… By: Anna Kim”

“Bionic Cop” by Gregoire Lourme (

00:04:17 – 00:15:09 Introduction Scene

I’m in my dining room and watching a TV show

Phone bings

00:15:09 – 00:35:14 Shows text message

Mom says she will be passing Colfax in 10 minutes…

“Paranormal Room” by Thierry de Massia (

00:35:14 – 00:48:29 Show my living room and kitchen in a mess

Circle the living room then kitchen

“Paranormal Room” by Thierry de Massia (

00:48:29 – 00:57:01 Shows my messy room (Circle the room)

“Paranormal Room” by Thierry de Massia (

00:57:01 – 01:00:14 Shows sad picture of my face “OMG” goes from bottom top

“Paranormal Room” by Thierry de Massia (

01:00:14 – 01:03:14 Picture of my friends’ and my shadow…

“And so the cleaning commenced…”

“Paranormal Room” by Thierry de Massia (

01:03:14 – 01:08:07 Bellagio fountain

“Time to~ Say Good-Bye”

“Bionic Cop” by Gregoire Ourme (

01:08:07 – 01:12:18 Bellagio fountain with

“To all the filth”

“Bionic Cop” by Gregoire Ourme (

01:12:18 – 01:23:28 Shows a circle view of my clean living room

“Innocent Love” by Model Aeroplanes (

01:23:28 – 01:34:20 Shows a circle view of my clean dining room and kitchen

“Innocent Love” by Model Aeroplanes (

01:34:20 – 01:41:29 Shows a circle view of my clean room

“Innocent Love” by Model Aeroplanes (

01:41:29 – 01:50:14 Same background from beginning shows

“And dearest mother and father…”

“At Uncle Tom’s Cabin” by The Meedie Player Organ


01:50:14 – 01:56:08 Same background from beginning shows

“At Uncle Tom’s Cabin” by The Meedie Player Organ


“Were none the wiser…”


Draft Video

My topic was, is, and will for the remainder of this semester be, me. Because of this I decided to film my life with a scenario of my parents coming to visit me. I began by taking footage of my house with my phone’s camera (Samsung Galaxy S3). My house wasn’t actually messy, but it wasn’t actually clean so I decided to use my apartment as it was. Once I had the appropriate footage of my “messy” apartment, I set to cleaning my apartment. I also asked a friend to send me a text giving notice of arrival. Once my apartment was “clean enough,” I downloaded all of the footage. With the footage in place I went through and arranged everything. I had to cut some of the videos because they were unnecessarily long or had random footage that was useless. After everything was put in chronological order I began to work on the titles. At first I had everything as still frames but realized it was a little ugly. I added some motion into the title slides and everything looked a little better. After having finished the titles I went to the video transitions. Before I played through the video I went through and added all kinds of random effects. Some were wiping the screen, others were diamond wipes, I thought it was pretty fun. Until I played the video. Once I played it the video was hideous. It was really tacky and way too complicated. The video made my head hurt. I removed some of the tackier transitions and made most of them with the dissolve transitions. That made the entire video a lot less complicated and much easier on the eyes. I think my video is going in a pretty safe direction. I admit that I wish there was something more I could do about the sound, but at this rate all I care about is the completion of the general plot.

Final Audio Story

So my audio story, in my opinion, was a pretty big success. With the help of a lot of online tutorials and trial-and-error, I finally came to a finished product that I was satisfied with.

I started with the feedback my group gave me. The two most common problems/issues mentioned were: 1.) the background noise and 2.) the uneven volume/lack of input on my part.

I began by recording some feedback of my own. However, it became apparent to me that my voice was taking up too much time when I put the audio in between each of the interviews. Instead, I took the bulk of my opinion and put it at the end of the audio. Then, I googled ways to get rid of background noise. I started by using effects and then going to noise reduction. I applied that a few times and it helped a little with the static, but the overall BG distraction was still present. I then tried the effects and dynamic part. It helped put emphasis on the voices, however, there wasn’t much else that I could do. Once that had been done, I was still unsatisfied with the results and decided the only other thing I could do was try to cover it over. I did this by using music. It helped a lot more than I had hoped. All I could hear were a few chirps, which I could do nothing about.

The story behind my interviews were trying to pull out and give light to what it’s like to be a third culture kid and multi-ethnic person. Third culture kids are kids/people who lived outside of their parents’ culture for extended amounts of time. Multi-ethnic people are basically individuals who were of two cultures, examples being: Korean-American, African-American, Indian-American, Japanese-American, etc. I asked my friends to help me out and Miss Choi of Seattle, WA and Mr. Scott of California were the first to jump to my aid. They were asked a series of questions that I had thought up based on my experience as a Korean-American.

The previous draft of this audio piece didn’t have a lot of my input, and it was also very raw. I went around thought about how the changes would better the audio. I decided to add my voice and input in the end because it acted as a way to tie things together. I was a little against that at first because I thought it would bias the information or make it too cliché. I’m glad I added my voice though, for it gives a feel of refined finishing.

I am happy with the results of this assignment and I invested a significant amount of time in this assignment. I hope you all like it and find the meaning behind it as food for thought.

Link for Music Used:

Audio Draft

So this is a rough draft of the audio of interviews I acquired. My friends, Miss Choi and Mr. Scott, display two vastly different spectrums of the racial difference. Miss Choi is Korean-American and Mr. Scott is African-American. We all went to school in Seoul, Korea on a military base, so we’re all pretty diversified and we’ve never really realized how much racial differences have a say in what we do, how we’re defined, and how people see us. I asked them three questions regarding when they feel the most different, what they think of people who think differently of us because we’re not just Caucasian, and of what they would like people to know, one person from another. I was going to do an interview of my Korean-American friends here, but I realized that a lot of them had been either: a.) in the states TOO long, or b.) not in the states long enough. This matters because those of my friends who had been here too long had grown immune to the differences, and those of my friends who hadn’t been here long enough were too prone to the differences, because everything from the showers to the rain to the food was different. I didn’t include myself too much in this piece because I felt like my emotions were portrayed well enough through my friends. I chose difference as the topic for this audio clip because I am different. I felt like my friends’s stories embodied the difference I felt enough without me having to give much input. They give very similar views despite being from two very different backgrounds, both culturally and ethnically, which is the point. I’m trying to let everyone know that just because we look different, sound different, eat different, etc. It doesn’t mean that we’re all that different from everyone else.

Logo Final

Logo_Draft3The feedback I received really helped me figure out what I could do to better my logo. Some of the things that all of the feedback had in common was:

1.) My logo looked too much like the Pepsi logo.

2.) My initials could use some work; they didn’t fit well into the design.

I agreed with both of these critiques and decided to take some action. For starters, I decided that I really wanted to incorporate my initials. Having made that decision I had to do something about the way they were incorporated. I heard positive feedback about the flag ideas so I figured I would keep those. I decided to try and put my initials together and have the flag in those initials somehow. With an idea in mind, I had only to put the ideas in action now.

I started by taking three triangles, stretching them, then warping them. I also curved one of the triangles and warped another triangle a second time to give an an angular look. This gave them an almost stroke-like appearance. I put them together to make the cursive “A” and then attached a heavily warped triangle and connected it to the “A” to form a “K”. Now my initials were done. I copy and pasted the entire design and then decided to off-set the path. I changed the back copy with the off-set to black and with the one in the front I incorporated the same steps as before with the flag. I layered on four flag-warped rectangles for the stripes.

Once this was done I used the pathfinder tool and merged and used minus. I then ungrouped the entire picture so that I could color the stripes red and the bottom portion blue. It was then that I realized my white stripes were black. I decided to copy and paste the black off-set and with the pasted one I off-setted it again. Then the one in front I changed to white giving the white stripes. It was then that I saw the flag was looking a lot more American than Korean/American. I thought about it and then added in the yellow gradient in place of the white. Why yellow? Well, five major Korean colors from tradition are: red, white, blue, black, and yellow. I figured if I couldn’t do the circle I’d add the color.

The basic initials were done at this point and so was the base of the flag. I then added a few stars to represent the American flag’s stars. I liked the design, but it still looked kind of bland. I went through the tutorials we had done before and liked the idea of a shadowy effect. I made this happen by simply copy – pasting the black off-set background initials and moved them over and up a little to look like a shadow.

And thus, the creation of my Korean-American initial logo was completed. The logo represented the topic of “me” very well and I was and am happy about it.