I was asked

to pick a topic for this blog and figured me, myself and I, would be the best topic for this blog!

It makes sense, doesn’t it? What one topic do I know enough about to fill a blog and keep it interesting?

If I’m going to be blogging about something throughout a semester, and quite possibly beyond that semester, I might as well chose a topic that I can elaborate on without any hitches.

The decision to blog about myself came mainly from my viewings of other blogs. I looked at political blogs, pundit blogs, food blogs, etc., and found that I neither knew enough information on those subjects to be


able to blog extensively about them nor did I have any interests that might entice YOU long enough to make you want to come back to my blog!

Then I saw some personal blogs and realized that the doors went wide with myself as a topic. Having my topic being myself allows for me to blog about my music preferences, my artistic preferences, my fashion preferences, my study preferences, my religious views, etc., and still have it confined under the topic: me!

I’m not all that funny, and I have attempted a few failed blogs, but maybe, this time, I’ll be able to keep focus long enough to make this blog work?


I’ll be sharing a lot about my life as a student, as a Korean-American, as a person of religion, as a musician,

as a member of a family, as an army brat of the third culture, and as a member of a culture. Being a part of so many different societal categorizations will probably give you, as a reader, a lot more to insight into the

many aspects of my life and ponder about yourself and how you tie into my views or are impacted by what happens to me and the many cultures of which I am part of.


All-in-all, I’m happy with the decision to use myself as “muse” for this blog. I hope

you’ll enjoy this as much a

s I think I will…!