Logo Final

Logo_Draft3The feedback I received really helped me figure out what I could do to better my logo. Some of the things that all of the feedback had in common was:

1.) My logo looked too much like the Pepsi logo.

2.) My initials could use some work; they didn’t fit well into the design.

I agreed with both of these critiques and decided to take some action. For starters, I decided that I really wanted to incorporate my initials. Having made that decision I had to do something about the way they were incorporated. I heard positive feedback about the flag ideas so I figured I would keep those. I decided to try and put my initials together and have the flag in those initials somehow. With an idea in mind, I had only to put the ideas in action now.

I started by taking three triangles, stretching them, then warping them. I also curved one of the triangles and warped another triangle a second time to give an an angular look. This gave them an almost stroke-like appearance. I put them together to make the cursive “A” and then attached a heavily warped triangle and connected it to the “A” to form a “K”. Now my initials were done. I copy and pasted the entire design and then decided to off-set the path. I changed the back copy with the off-set to black and with the one in the front I incorporated the same steps as before with the flag. I layered on four flag-warped rectangles for the stripes.

Once this was done I used the pathfinder tool and merged and used minus. I then ungrouped the entire picture so that I could color the stripes red and the bottom portion blue. It was then that I realized my white stripes were black. I decided to copy and paste the black off-set and with the pasted one I off-setted it again. Then the one in front I changed to white giving the white stripes. It was then that I saw the flag was looking a lot more American than Korean/American. I thought about it and then added in the yellow gradient in place of the white. Why yellow? Well, five major Korean colors from tradition are: red, white, blue, black, and yellow. I figured if I couldn’t do the circle I’d add the color.

The basic initials were done at this point and so was the base of the flag. I then added a few stars to represent the American flag’s stars. I liked the design, but it still looked kind of bland. I went through the tutorials we had done before and liked the idea of a shadowy effect. I made this happen by simply copy – pasting the black off-set background initials and moved them over and up a little to look like a shadow.

And thus, the creation of my Korean-American initial logo was completed. The logo represented the topic of “me” very well and I was and am happy about it.


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